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A Chinese Farmer And His Idiosyncratic Robot Family

Mr. Wu Yulu is an ordinary Chinese farmer in his 50s, who was born in the suburbs of Beijing and has lived there all his life. About half the Chinese population holds the occupation of farmer, making it one of the most ordinary and humble positions in contemporary Chinese society. But despite his profession, Wu wasn’t born to be a loyal land owner—since childhood he has been fascinated with robots. When he turned 20, he dedicated himself to the study of mechanics in order to achieve his life-long goal of building his own robots.

Over the years, Wu has spent most of his time and money crafting these machines—once he nearly burnt down his house when an experiment went wrong. Scorned by his village and family for being an irresponsible farmer, Wu continued with his tinkering in spite of the his village’s myopic belief that a man who only attended primary school had no business messing about with robotics and mechanics. But none of that could stop Wu from experimenting. He made his first walking robot in 1986, and since then, many more robots have followed in its footsteps. 

(Source: thecreatorsproject.com)