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Ok no seriously, fuck whoever did shoot down that Malaysian Airlines plane.
I work for a local newspaper in the North East of England. We are a small, remote region of the UK with a small population of almost 2.6m (out of the 63m that live in the UK). This tragic incident should have had nothing to do with us. It should have just been a small bit of grout in the national news column in our paper.

But at least 9 Brits died on that flight of 298, and two of them were from Newcastle. Liam Sweeney and John Alder. They were heading to New Zealand to watch Newcastle United play football.

Both of them were die-hard NUFC fans. Liam organised coach trips for fans to follow the team across the country. John was gentleman in his 60’s and had nearly never missed a single Newcastle match home or abroad, he had the nickname ‘the undertaker’ because he wore a suit to every match, no matter the climate. Everybody knew him. Two fans just supporting their beloved team killed by an act of terrorism.

Today, Geordies laid football shirts and flowers at the foot of Sir Bobby Robson’s statue outside St. James’ Park. Today Newcastle mourned two of its sons. The Toon Army grieves the loss of their fellow magpies and wonders how this happened because what does it have to do with us?

Today, instead of putting together galleries of happy prom pictures of local students in pretty dresses like I was meant to, I had to sit and build a gallery of pics of the Malaysia Airlines crash scene. I had to sit and wade through the photos in our media system of the grieving families, the floral tributes at embassies and the wreckage - including the kind of photos that don’t make it to print/online because of the graphic content. I didn’t need to see that today.

The worst photos weren’t even the bodies or the charred bits and pieces; it was the little pink child’s suitcase amongst the pile of surviving luggage. It’s been suggested that 80 kids died on that flight.

So fuck whoever did this, whether it was a rebel group or an entire country, you are poison. And I hope this karma comes back around tenfold.